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We were in Wales last weekend and I was most encouraged to hear from a lady who had been backslidden, suicidal and had suffered insomnia for years, that God touched her when she read "Julie's Story" and He freed her from anxiety. She slept through the night for the first time in years. She said when she was awoken by a friend (in itself a wonder that she had to be awoken) and she had such a sense that she had slept safely in the arms of Jesus. Praise God!

Please pray for the boxes which have gone in to UK PRISONS and if anyone knows of any other Prison Ministries or opportunities to have this book sent in to prisons, please let us know. We are looking for churches to buy boxes for prisons in the USA now.

In the meantime, here are a few reponses from just last week from a few readers from various parts of the world. . .

WOW impressive, couldn't leave it down. You did a great job narrating this story. . . great testimony to the delivering power of Christ. (Northern Ireland)

It just makes me think how Jesus saves to the uttermost!  Thank God she is now free! (USA)

I was really blessed and encouraged  — what a wonderful testimony of God's grace. It was a joy to read and I loved the way you wrote it with Julie's voice coming through — I could hear her on every page! You really did a wonderful job of recounting the story so clearly and yet making it sound as if it was just Julie chatting to the reader. (Ireland)

It was extremely well written and the story was very powerful. I thoroughly enjoyed it. . . I will be passing it on to friends who would never have read the likes. I look forward to reading your next one, to see if it will further melt my heart! (Northern Ireland)

It is absolutely fantastic and I believe truly that everyone should read it. It is extremely well written and a joy to read. A can't-put-it-down book! It is both beneficial to the unsaved and saved. Unsaved, because it is a wonderful testimony of a life imprisoned-bound by sin, and set free by the Wonderful Love of God! It shoul be read by any person dabbling or coming from that particular lifestyle or background. It is also beneficial to Christians. It encouraged me so much to pursue and take up Evangelism and door to door ministry again. A huge lesson in being too late! Someone was faithful enough to knock on Julie's door. So must we be sensitive to the Holy Spirit and obey God's prompting and leading. I will certailnly recommend this book to Saved & Unsaved! It is a great Evangelism tool." (Reader in Wales)

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